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BLOSSOMS & BOTANY After 15 years of fine art painting, in the year 2000 Ella Lugin began to explore digital photography. Ella places the great variety of botany in the center of her work. Her fine art photography is designed by careful composition of light. She removes flowers, blossoms and botanics from their natural environment to give them a new interpretation on pure aesthetics and meanings.  Ella creates from blossoms and botanical objects, such as woods, mussels and leaves, portraits of noble beauty and sometimes mysterious aura. Under her gaze, architecturally appealing physiques emerge and surrender their unique beauty. In addition sexual power that creates and and also destroyes life is one of the favorite subjects of  Ella Lugin. Her photo and performing art is characterized by aesthetics and sensuality. Flowers, botany and body as well as the tension between man and woman are in focus of her artistic work. ​ The petal of the poppy plant unfolds a centered lightness in th

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